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It true we are not using your powers to the highest potential. With yoga, you can have total control of your powers.

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Dan Bursch is a website dedicated to teaching yoga to people all around the world. We take regular online classes through which our clients can practice yoga from their homes.


Dan Bursch is the ideal place to learn yoga for people who love to stay at home and practice yoga. They have regular classes taken by certified yoga instructors.


Why You Should do Yoga

Yoga is not just a fitness procedure. It is an art form that has a very positive effect on both your physical and mental health.

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Best Sites for Online Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation

Online Yoga
The tremendous increase in technology has a lot of impacts in various sectors. It has literally changed the way we lead our lives. Ordering food, calling taxi and shopping has come to our fingertips. A few years back if a person has to practice yoga, then they need to register themselves in a yoga studio. These yoga studios generally have their sessions during the early morning and late evenings. Let us admit that waking up early morning is one of the hardest tasks ever. To wake up and go to the yoga studios and then practice yoga is definitely not a thing that most us want to indulge in on a daily basis. The advancement in technology has provided the perfect solution for people who hate to go to yoga studios and at the same time want to learn yoga. A lot of websites has come that is dedicated to teaching yoga online. With these websites, you can practice yoga from your home without going through all the difficulties. Online Yoga


Yogateket provides you over 300 yoga classes that are recorded at Yogateket’s Studio in Uppsala, Sweden. All online yoga classes can be filtered based on duration, focus, style, and level. We always offer a 14-day free trial for first timers and first class for free on location in Uppsala.  Yogateket’s specialty is the that we love yoga for beginners and we have a huge selection of Pranayama, Mediation, and various styles of yoga as, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Yin yoga, Yoga strength, Workouts and more.  Yoga programs and challenges.

Yoga Vibes

The classes in Yoga Vibe are recorded in real yoga studios. Renowned yoga instructors like Ana Forrest and Dana Flynn are regularly featured in their classes. They have a lot of yoga programs featuring vinyasa style. They have partnerships with Exhale Yoga studio and Wanderlust festivals. They are regular in their updates and make sure to have fresh content. The classes can be chosen based on style, length, difficulty, and teacher. The fees can either be paid on a monthly basis or an annual basis. It has a free fifteen-day trial.

Yogis Anonymous

The Yogis Anonymous has their studio at Santa Monica. Their classes are live streamed and recorded. There are over 1000 classes from which you can choose. There are lengthy tutorials that are 30 minutes and 90 minutes. There are also short tutorials available. You can choose the teacher according to your wish. They also offer various levels of training.

Yoga Download

Yoga Download has unlimited streaming on a monthly subscription basis. They have the option of purchasing classes specifically. The price range varies according to your choice. You can download the video or watch it any number of times. Some videos are entirely produced by them and some they have partnerships with the yoga instructors. There is an audio format that is available on the site.

Dirty Yoga

The Dirty Yoga offers a wide range of yoga classes whose length varies from 5 min to 40 min. They have a weekly update. All the tutorials are taught by the founder of the site Jess who was the former yoga director at Crunch Gyms.